News Nr. 3 – February 2010
If soccer is your game, then you will be overjoyed. Indeed, Minichamps is producing several of the team buses of the 1974 Soccer World Cup.

These O302 buses, as you may remember, were supplied by Daimler- Benz. Following the huge success of the 1:43 model (released in 2006), of the O302 bus which carried the soccer team of the Federal Republic of Germany (BR Deutschland). Minichamps is now going to release the O302 of the German Democratic Republic team (DDR).

Other 1:43 scale O302 models will follow: the team buses of Argentina, Brazil, Poland, Italy, and the Netherlands. In 1:43, Minichamps’s 2010 offerings at the Nuremberg Toy Fair are a complete disappointment. Sure there is a long list of “new” models, but none is really new, just more of the same…in different colours. Hey, maybe we’ll get a surprise or two during the course of the year?

Looking for something really new? In that case, you need to look at the announcements of PremiumClassiXXs.
Sure, here too, we find the same models from the last year(s) in new colours, or with a slightly different load (an advertising panel for a circus among others), but yes, there is one brand new Mercedes-Benz model: the 1:43 metal model of a Mercedes-Benz NG truck, in other words from the “New Generation” trucks, which were produced between 1973 and 1988. Pity we shall have to wait until November/December 2010 to see the first models being released.

There will be:
* the 1213 box van in blue (ref. # 12600),
* the 1213 box van “Mercedes-Benz Teile Service” (ref. #12601)
* the 1213 platform truck in blue (ref. #12650)
* the 1213 platform truck in white (ref. #12651)

At this time I haven’t got any pictures of a prototype of the model, therefore a photo of the real thing should give you an idea of what we can look forward to. Otherwise, we will see the LP 608 as a panel truck in the livery of “BMW Motorsport”, and in the colours of “Porsche Martini Racing”. The L3500 will be released as a flatbed loaded with a W196 “Monoposto” GP racer. The retail price for this model incl. racer should be app. 100€. The W196 “Monoposto” is made by Spark. As well, we shall see the L3500 with an advertisement on the platform for the circus “Roncalli”. The good old LA911 will be back as a canvas covered truck, in beige, and last but not least the L319 will be released as a platform truck loaded with two “Puch” motorcycles (made by BUB).

From Schuco we are getting a “semi-new” model: the Mercedes-Benz W136 is being released as a 4-door open Cabriolet, in dark green, with black fenders, i.e. supposedly as a police car. As such, we can say it is a “new” model, even though basically it is only a variant of the well-known Schuco 2-door Cabriolet model of the 170V, which still came out in “DM times” – i.e. before 2001! That 2-door Cabrio was in fact a 4-door convertible, the rear-doors of which had been “hidden” on the outside – but they had forgotten to hide the inside rear-door panels!

Ever since Spark produced the new SLS-AMG in 1:43 especially for Daimler, it was known that Schuco would manufacture the metal model in 1:43, and here it is: in your choice of black or white, for around 30€ a piece. A new model for Schuco, but not for the collectors of Mercedes-Benz model sports-cars.

On the other hand, the announcement of a 1:43 scale model of the 300SLS is no doubt a big surprise. The MBMC had released a special 1:43 Club-model of this car for its members a couple of years ago, made by Tin Wizard in Germany. Now Schuco is going to massproduce a 1:43 model of the same car, for probably 35€ retail, tops!

Otherwise, here too, we get more of the same in different outfits and colours. I’m not going to list them all; however here are some pictures of some, not all, of the “new” colours and liveries of the “new” Schuco models.

From Cursor
The 1:43 Mercedes-Benz Zetros with a body by Ziegler was seen on display at the Toy Fair. It certainly is a big model and an interesting one for collectors of fire engines and trucks alike. I’m not sure if it is strictly a promotional model made in limited quantity exclusively for Ziegler, or if it will be available on the “open market”.

It is noteworthy that no Mercedes-Benz Zetros truck model can be found in the 2010 Schuco catalogue. Are they all sold out, or has Schuco decided not to distribute them anymore along their own products?

New from Norev

This picture taken quickly at the Norev stand in Nuremberg shows a 1:43 diecast model of a Unimog (U1300?) fire truck, as they are being used in the south-eastern regions of France, mainly to fight forest and brush fires.

On display at the IXO stand a 1:43 scale prototype of what very much looks like the Mercedes-Benz 190 Dc (W110) Binz ambulance made between 1961 and 1965. Let’s hope it won’t be the same as the 1:43 model Minichamps released at the end of 2009, but how could it not be?

There also was an “IXO-Museum” version of the Mercedes-Benz G5 on display, and I hope to be able to report on other Mercedes-Benz models featured in Nuremberg by IXO, as soon as I get the information.

Author Bernd D. Loosen