On March 1st 1930, Erwin Lorinser opens up an independent car repair shop in Waiblingen and therewith lais the foundation stone for an impressive success story.

With diligence, enthusiasm and risk-taking, the master mechanic quickly gains a good reputation and within a short time, he builds up a respectable customer base. In 1935, the former Daimler Benz AG takes notice of the successful garage as well and offers Lorinser a co-operation contract. From this time on, he becomes the official “reseller of cars and utility vehicles” and takes over the maintenance and service responsibility for automobiles with “the three-pointed star”. In the following years, the company continually grows and in 1961, it re-locates into a new car dealership with an associated own gas station in Waiblingen.

In 1974, Erwin Lorinser passes on his flourishing business to his son Manfred and makes him the managing director. In 1976, a new Lorinser car dealership is established as a subsidiary in Winnenden. Here, the engine department carries out the first tuning measures on Mercedes Benz automobiles in the same year. From the idea of individualising cars with visual attachments parts, a new business branch sets off and also develops rapidly.

More and more Mercedes fans, among them also many celebrities like Bernie Ecclestone, Niki Lauda, Alain Prost, Paul Tracy, Shaquille O’Neal, Denzel Washington, Sharon Stone and Arnold Schwarzenegger are enthusiastic about the trend-setting design made by Lorinser.

In 1981, the „Sportservice Lorinser GmbH“ is enlisted in the Commercial Register as an independent company. In 1987, the company is extended by a car body- and paint shop. As the refining branch grows increasingly successful, Sportservice Lorinser moves into an own business location in Winnenden in 1994. Parallelly, also a new exhibition hall for utility vehicles is built. Due to its high quality standards, the company Lorinser is awarded the certification according the quality management norm DIN EN ISO 9002 in 1996.

The company continues to flourish and to expand: In 2002, a new showroom and administration building is erected in Waiblingen. From then on, also the own vintage car collection is displayed there. In the “Lorinser Classic Center“ the exhibited classic- and vintage cars can be either bought or rented or if you have an own car in need of repair, it can be revived there. Since 2006, Manfred Lorinser´s son Marcus is head of the Sportservice department. With contract dealers in 45 countries all over the world, the brand is one of the best-known automobile refiners nowadays.

Source: Lorinser