Four Mercedes-Benz models have the lowest depreciation in their segment, and can justifiably call themselves the “Value retention champions 2010” – the E, C, S and R-Class.

These are the findings of analyses carried out each year by the Saarbrücken-based market research institute Bähr & Fess Forecast on behalf of the motoring magazine “Auto Bild”. Mercedes-Benz vehicles are therefore generally have the highest value retention, and offer a significant economic advantage.

According to the residual value forecasts of the market researchers, the new E-Class will be the saloon with the highest resale value of all large coupés when it is four years old. The E 250 CDI will still command 55.5 percent of its current new value.

The C 220 CDI leads the field in the medium-size category, while the S 350 CDI is the winner in the luxury class, with forecast residual values of 53.5 and 49 percent respectively. The “value retention champion” among people carriers also bears the Mercedes star on its bonnet: the R 300 CDI is the leader in this segment, and is forecast to achieve a value of 47.5 percent after four years. Accordingly, four models from Mercedes-Benz carry the accolade “Value retention champions 2010”. The E, C, S and R-Class already occupied this peak position after analyses by the residual value specialists last year, and in previous years vehicles from Mercedes-Benz were regularly numbered amongst those with the highest value retention.

Source: Daimler AG