On the occasion of the “TecDay E-Drive” from Daimler AG in Monaco, adventurer Mike Horn takes a close look at the emission free cars, B-Class F-Cell and Smart ED.

Mike Horn at B-Class F-Cell on the TecDay e-drive in Monaco 2009

He gathered extensively information around the alternative drives from Mercedes-Benz by the technical staff and tested the vehicles on the streets in Monaco.

Technical staff explains Mike Horn the technology of the Smart ED

Mike Horn has achieved on his expeditions, what many people believe, that is impossible to do: From 1997 to 1998, he followed alone and un-motorized the entire length of 7,000 kilometers – from the source to the end in the Atlantic Ocean – of the Amazon river. From 1999 to 2000, he orbited the Earth in 18 months along the equator without any motor aids.

Mike Horn at Smart ED in Monaco

In 2004, Mike traveled alone around the Arctic Circle, with a kayak, a bicycle, skis, and a kite. He traveled 20,000 kilometers over Greenland, Canada, Alaska, Siberia, Russia, Norway and sailed finally across the Davis Strait, the Bering Strait and the Barents Sea to his starting point. Even in the north polar night, from January to March 2006, he led an expedition to the North Pole, together with the Norwegian Arctic explorer Borge Ousland – they are the first people who reached the Pole on skis in total darkness.

Mike Horn (middle) together with Philipp Deppe (left) and Markus Jordan (right) from Mercedes-Benz Passion Blog

With the support of the currently ongoing PANGEA Expedition, Mercedes-Benz underlines in a special way its commitment to sustainability. A total of 144 young people from around the world, accompany the expedition and initiate projects at individual stations to protect the environment and improve the lives of local people and implement.

In Monaco, we could not refuse the chance to take a photo with Mike Horn – he tells us about his expedition to the North Pole and through the Amazon. We will never forget this cool stories!

Pictures: (c) Passion Blog