Now, there are some pictures emerged, that shows the new AirCap system of the new E-Class Cabrio.

The open version of the E-Class, will be arround 4.70 meters long, and stands with a multi-layer soft top from 27 March 2010 at the dealers in germany. A new wind deflector system, called “AirCap” offers reduced air turbulence on all 4 seats. The new system can be activated, by a button, till a speed of 160 km/h and can used up to the maximum speed of the car. The AirCap system consists of 2 parts: An extendable 6 centimetre plate with an integrated windnetwork above the frame of the windshield and a three-way adjustable wind deflector between the two rear seats. The rear seats are full useable, when the wind deflector is activated.

Is AirCap activated, the airflow increase at the top of the windshield and passes over the passenger cabin. The rear wind deflector between the two headrests (with integrated roll-bar), reduces the reverse airflow and distributes them evenly in the passenger cabin. Demonstrations in wind tunnel test shows: In case of open top and closed windows, air turbulence for driver and front passenger are up to 140 km/h, hardly noticeable. Parallel decreases the noise level in the cabin. The AirCap system has some other advantages: Warm air from the heater will remain longer in the interior.

The E-Class Cabrio will be offered – only on the front seats – with the neck heating “Airscarf”, which is known from SL and SLK. AirCap and Airscarf are optional equipment. As standard equipment, will be on board for the first time, a head airbag system.

E-Klasse Cabriolet

The presentation of the new E-Class Cabrio, will be at the Dubai Auto Show 2009 (16 to 20 December 2009). More images, of the non camouflaged E-Class Cabrio (only the trademarks are covered) inside the wind tunnel in Sindelfingen, can you see here.

Pictures: Daimler AG