Daimler has honored Europe’s best providers of transport logistics for finished vehicles with the European Carrier Awards 2009. Dr. Holger Scherr, Head of Worldwide Transport Logistics and Egon Christ, Head of Worldwide Vehicle Logistics at Daimler, presented the prizes at an information event titled Daimler Vehicles Logistics in Europe in 2010. The event was held at the Mercedes-Benz Museum in Stuttgart-Untertürkheim and was attended by representatives of about 100 vehicle transport companies.

European Carrier Awards 2009

First prize in the Passenger Vehicles category went to the company Galliker Transport AG of Altishofen, Switzerland, which impressed the jury with its comprehensive high quality standards in vehicle transport as well as with the exemplary handling, storage and technology in its transshipment center. In the Trucks category, the Essen-based company Helf Automobil-Logistik was honored once again. The decisive factors in the company’s favor were exemplary logistics procedures and consistent quality focus in all Daimler-related transport processes.

“This year we are once again delighted to observe that our management model and our awards have motivated our partners to achieve outstanding performance,” said Egon Christ. “We need partners who operate at the benchmark level so that our products are available everywhere exactly when needed and fault-free. The art lies in finding the ideal balance in terms of costs, time, and quality. And that applies especially to our six prize-winners. I congratulate them for their success.”

The other winners of the European Carrier Award in the Passenger Vehicles category are Frankenbach Automobil Logistik GmbH of Ginsheim-Gustavsburg in the state of Hesse, which won second prize, and the company Günther Möhlmann Spedition und Kfz-Transporte of Neuenburg, the third-prize winner. Galliker Transport AG also was honored in the Trucks category, in which it took second place. The third-place prize went to the logistics services provider STS Centrum Dystrybucji Samochodów, a Polish company.

This year marked the tenth time that the European Carrier Awards Passenger Cars were presented, and the European Carrier Awards Commercial Vehicles were presented for the sixth time. The logistics services providers are judged on the basis of key statistical values from an auditing process that was standardized for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles in 2004. Over a one-year period, all the companies’ vehicle shipments are continuously monitored and evaluated with regard to transport damages, transport times, the quality of vehicle shipping, and the overall condition of the equipment used.

The Daimler Vehicle Logistics Europe 2010 event, where the European Carrier Awards were presented, is the most important discussion forum for the roughly 100 transport companies that serve Daimler’s logistics needs. This year the discussions focused on the changed levels of passenger vehicle and truck sales, the effect this is having on the transport sector, and how to appropriately respond to this situation.

Source: Daimler AG