On Monday a works meeting will take place, inside the Mercedes-Benz plant in Sindelfingen – the biggest car plant of Daimler. The cause: The planned shift of the C-Class production. The board of management decides on Tuesday, over the future of the C-Class production in Sindelfingen.


The management is currently considering to outsource the C-Class production from Sindelfingen to the underutilized plant in Tuscaloosa / USA. This could save 1.200 to 1.500 Euro lower wages rates per vehicle, if the dollar price does not continue to rise. In case of a production shift from Sindelfingen to Tuscaloosa, around 3,000 jobs would be at risk. As early as 1996 and 2004 the employees had made massive concessions to keep the production in Sindelfingen. From the daily production of 1.800 vehicles per day in Sindelfingen, takes the C-Class one third.

Picture: Daimler AG