The the new ML 450 HYBRID will be launched onto the U.S. market next Monday (16.11.2009). You can only lease the new Hybrid. The monthly lease price amounts 659 US-Dollar for 36 months or 549 US-Dollar for 60 months.


Under the hood works a 3.5-liter V6 gasoline engine with 279 hp. The engine is combined with a pair of electric motors, which are integrated in a modified automatic transmission. The both motors produces 82hp and 85hp extra power. When full power is needed, and both electric motors are working the ML450 HYBRID has a total system output of 340 hp. The vehicle designed specifically for the US market delivers ‘city’ fuel consumption of 21 mpg and ‘highway’ consumption of 24 mpg. This makes the vehicle, to the most efficient in its segment.

Picture: Daimler AG