Mercedes-Benz will in future offer a fully integrated navigation system – called ‘Navigation 20’ – for its standard Audio 20 CD high-performance radio in C-Class or GLK.

Navigation mit Fahrspurassistenten im Audio 20

The new device is based on highly sophisticated technology and offers numerous navigation features – including variable map displays, a realistic display of the roadscape at motorway exits, TMC traffic reports and comprehensive country-specific information. It is also equipped with connections for most audio sources. Navigation 20 can simply be installed into the Audio 20 CD at any Mercedes-Benz service partner.

The tried-and-trusted Audio 20 radio retains its full range of functions: it features a CD player (with MP3 capability), an FM/MW/SW and LW tuner with automatic station search, an RDS function (for FM reception), direct frequency input using the buttons on the centre console and a 4×20-watt amplifier. Navigation 20 is a fully-integrated plug & play solution, which adds various features to the Audio 20. The newly added map-based navigation can be viewed on the large, fixed colour display (4.9 inches in the C-Class). In addition to this, arrows on the instrument cluster indicate the navigation instructions.

There is a choice of display modes: 2D North-up, 2D Track-up or 3D Track-up. The 3D map can be tilted in three stages using the controller. Plus Navigation 20 includes Reality View PRO with a realistic depiction of the roadscape – including road signs, clear indication of motorway intersections and exits, and lane recommendations. TMC traffic-congestion reports are taken into account when calculating routes.

Detailed maps of 43 European countries are included. When crossing national borders, key information about the traffic regulations in force in the country concerned – such as speed limits, drink-driving limits, compulsory use of daytime driving lights, and obligations to carry ID or other documents – can be called up.

What’s more, the high-performance entertainment system allows the connection of almost all audio devices such as an iPod, MP3 player or USBstick. And it is configured for audio streaming via Bluetooth. The system is utilised safely and ergonomically via the controller in the centre console.

The new Navigation 20 system is available now for the Mercedes-Benz C-Class and GLK-Class. It will also be offered for the E-Class from mid-2010 onwards. It can simply be integrated in the vehicle at the Mercedes-Benz service partner. Price: € 1099 incl. VAT plus installation.

Source: Daimler AG