Everything is new at www.mercedes-benz.com/classic: Presented in customer-friendly form, the Portal has detailed information and offers relating to the classic vehicle activities of Mercedes-Benz, i.e. the Museum, Classic Center, Archive and Collection, Young Classics, Mercedes-Benz Clubs and Classic Magazine. A central contact point and single contact address make the site easy to use.

“Our new Internet site will enable enthusiasts for the brand to experience the fascination of Mercedes-Benz Classic even more easily “, says Michael Bock, Director for Face-to-Face Communication at Mercedes-Benz Cars and General Manager of Mercedes-Benz Museum GmbH. ” We have designed the Portal from a customer point of view, and it will be even more up-to-date. In particular we have improved the interactive options, and they will be continuously expanded.”

One of the highlights of the new online Portal is ’Classic Live’, where all the Web 2.0 activities of Mercedes-Benz Classic are grouped on one page. In addition to Twitter, Facebook and Flickr, blogs and fan pages play a central role here. Classic Cinema and Mercedes-Benz.tv provide graphic and film material relating to Mercedes-Benz classics, and RSS feeds automatically send the latest information to users if requested.
On more than 80,000 pages, the Mercedes-Benz Classic Wiki explains the world of classic vehicles in German (and shortly also in English): from replacement parts and vehicles to a corporate chronology and right up to e-Books. Among those administering this digital knowledge database are honorary editors from the worldwide Mercedes-Benz Club scene.

Services such as online tickets for the Mercedes-Benz Museum, a free subscription to the Mercedes-Benz Classic Newsletter or downloadable wallpapers are among the features to be found in the new Portal. Potential buyers are able to click through vehicles offered for sale, and classic vehicle enthusiasts can publish anecdotes about their vehicles as user stories.

In addition to the Internet, other new media play an important part in customer communication for the Mercedes-Benz Museum. The iPhone application ‘Mercedes-Benz Quartets’ combines innovative technologies with the fascinating tradition of the Mercedes-Benz brand. ” The iPhone game has exceeded all our expectations ” , says Michael Bock. ” Hundreds of thousands of downloads speak for themselves, therefore we will be expanding this topic even further. ”

Fans of Mercedes-Benz racing cars can also look forward to a new edition designed for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch: 64 racing legends are the stars of the latest Mercedes-Benz iPhone quartet game ’Silver Star’ – from the first Silver Arrow of 1934 to the 2008 world championship car driven by Lewis Hamilton. Most of the cars featured in this game can be seen in original size on the banked display of racing cars in the Mercedes-Benz Museum. This free application has a link to the Museum, and e.g. provides details of opening hours and entry prices.

Source: Daimler AG