General data:
Wheelbase: 2800 mm (vehicle no. 6: 3200 mm)
Track width front/rear: 1330/1320 mm
Dimensions L x W x H: 4820 x 1600 x 1280 mm


Weight of car: 1450 kg
Weight of engine: 407 kg
Maximum speed: 228.1 km/h

Benz racing car engine
Operating principle: four-stroke petrol
No. of cylinders/arrangement: 4/in-line
Displacement: 21,500 cc
Bore x stroke: 185 x 200 mm
Output: 147 kW at 1600 rpm
Torque: 36 mkg at 1000 rpm
Compression ratio: 1:5.8
Maximum engine speed: 1650 rpm
Valves: overhead, 2 per cylinder, side-mounted camshaft, drive via gear wheels
Mixture formation: 1 horizontal round slide carburettor
Fuel feed: compressed-air hand pump, operated by co-driver
Lubrication: initially splash lubrication, later forced feed lubrication via gear pump and clean oil input
Starter: starting crank, buzzer ignition
Ignition: high-voltage magneto ignition, 2 Bosch D4 magneto
Ignition control: by hand using lever on steering wheel
Fuel tank: 73 litres

Power transmission:
Drive: via intermediate shaft and chain drive to the rear wheels
Clutch: cone clutch
Transmission: four-speed manual transmission
Gearshift: gate-type shift, mounted on the right on the outside of the car

Sectional frame
Axles: rigid axles with semi-elliptical springs at the front and rear
Brakes: front – none; rear – expanding brakes acting on the rear wheels and an external band brake acting on the intermediate shaft; handbrake acting on the rear axles
Steering: helical spindle steering
Wheels: wire-spoke or wood-spoke wheels
Tires: 820 x 120 Continental balloon tires

Source: Daimler AG