Major suspense at the final of the 7th FleetBoard Driver League to crown Europe’s best truck driver: 15 participants from 6 nations, who had previously prevailed as national league winners in their home countries against a total of 5,400 competitors, came to Wörth on 12th September, 2009. Here at the live final it was decided who would emerge as the European winner through a series of safe, agile and economical driving tests.


This year’s title crown went to Reinhold Kunze from Doego Fruchthandel & Import e. G., Germany. The company has used FleetBoard since 2007 and thus achieves fuel savings of 8-10%. Kunze shined in five disciplines with a master performance and ranked ahead of second placed Constantin Scorupschi from 8TIM SA, Romania by a slender margin. Following close behind in 3rd place was Karsten Krüger also from Doego.

Impressed by the atmosphere at the birthplace of their trucks, the Mercedes-Benz truck plant in Wörth, the 15 finalists from the national driver leagues in Germany, Austria, Italy, BeNeLux, Great Britain and Romania completed their exercises with pride and ambition. They had already proven themselves during the FleetBoard Drivers’ League held 1st – 30th June and managed to reach the finals with their first class driving grades in economical driving (between 8.83 and 9.99 on a 10-point scale). The grades were evaluated on the basis of economical driving style using FleetBoard Performance Analysis. This takes criteria of relevance to consumption and wear into account under the demanding conditions of everyday transportation.

The exercises included a 56 km tour during which economical driving style was measured live using FleetBoard Performance Analysis. With driving style grades between 8,71 and 9,64, the drivers demonstrated consistently high performances and once again proved that they are among the best drivers in Europe. The finalists with their trucks also had to negotiate a manoeuvring exercise, an agility obstacle course and consume as little diesel as possible over a precisely measured 1 km distance. The right-hand drivers from Great Britain put up a spirited performance and deserve special respect on the left-hand drive exercises. In another challenge, the Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts Quiz, the drivers’ showed that they possess sound knowledge of trucks.

Reinhold Kunze, winner of drivers’ league team evaluation in 2007, was over happy: ‘I am extremely proud of having won this year’s drivers’ league. I enjoyed the final and it even surpassed last year’s event.’ His prize: VIP tickets for the German Touring Championship on the Hockenheimring incl. overnight stay for 2 persons from Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts. For his excellent performance he won three months “free driving” for his company with an Actros trailer including FleetBoard Vehicle Management from Mercedes-Benz CharterWay. Second placed Constantin Scorupschi from 8TIM SA won Truck Grand Prix weekend tickets incl. an overnight stay for 2 people courtesy of Shell. Karsten Krüger of Doego received a Trucker Selection gift set from Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH for his bronze performance. The other finalists received Allianz office equipment for truckers from the Allianz Versicherungs-AG insurance company.

Klaus Schnorr, Managing Director of Doego Fruchthandel & Import e.G.: ‘I said to them this morning, they should approach the challenges very calmly. The final was indescribably exciting. I have to point out the overall performance of all participating Doego drivers during the drivers’ league in June as well, because the participation in the distribution trucker industry with a lot of city traffic is a special challenge.’

Markus Lipinsky, Managing Director of Daimler FleetBoard GmbH, congratulated the winner on his victory: ‘It is remarkable to see how professionally and economically the drivers manage to handle their trucks. Each individual is a winner and can be proud of what he has achieved. The Driver League shows that FleetBoard not only helps dispatchers and fleet operators to achieve their efficiency goals, but is also positively accepted by the drivers.’

Throughout the event it was apparent how much Europe has come together in long-haul transportation, because borders and language barriers were literally surmounted. Drivers from the various countries entered into conversation with one another and all enjoyed this exciting and moving day as winners of the Driver League 2009.

FleetBoard’s partners in the Driver League 2009 are: Mercedes-Benz CharterWay, Mercedes-Benz Global Service & Parts, Mercedes-Benz Accessories GmbH, Shell, Allianz Versicherungs-AG, FERNFAHRER Club and LOGISTIK AKADEMIE. They supported the drivers with attractive prizes.

Source: Daimler AG