Mercedes-Benz offers for the first time wireless and unrestricted Internet access in a vehicle. With the Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot, the data signals are received via the vehicle antenna. A special WLAN router and a data-enabled SIM card process the signals and provide wireless Internet access also during the drive.


Up to three WLAN-enabled end devices (e.g. laptop, mobile) can be connected to the Internet simultaneously. The users thus have access to the “World Wide Web” with no site restrictions. The Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot system supports the particularly fast HSDPA transmission standard, as well as UMTS and GSM/EDGE. From October 2009, the Mercedes-Benz InCar Hotspot will be available in the new E‑Class and S‑Class*. *S-Class from December 2009

Source: Daimler AG