Powerful eight and twelve-cylinder engines are a traditional strength of AMG. Developing a peak output of 386 kW/525 hp at 6800 rpm and maximum torque of 630 newton metres at 5200 rpm, the AMG 6.3 liter ranks among the most powerful eight-cylinder engines.


The V8 naturally aspirated engine with its displacement of 6208 cubic centimetres offers an exhilarating mix of high power from low engine speeds, instantaneous responsiveness and pronounced high-revving flexibility – up to a maximum engine speed of 7200 rpm.

The technical basis for the dynamic DNAcomes courtesy of the thoroughbred
motorsport technology of the AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine. This includes the lightweight, extra-rigid aluminium bedplate crankcase with closed-deck technology and the twin-wire-arc-sprayed coating on the cylinder walls used exclusively by AMG. The streamlined design of the intake and exhaust ducts together with the magnesium variable intake manifold featuring two parallel-action internal throttle flaps results in superlative cylinder charging and high power output.

The 32 valves in the cylinder heads are operated by bucket tappets for a rigid valve train and high engine speeds. Continuous adjustment of the camshafts on the intake and exhaust sides ensures an optimal supply of fuel/air mixture to the eight combustion chambers.


Outstanding agility and instantaneous responsiveness are the undoubted strengths of the AMG6.3-litre V8 engine, thanks in no small part to the electronically controlled fuel supply. It operates with an on-demand system pressure of 3.8 to 5.0 bar. According to power requirements and external temperature, fuel pressure is adjusted and regulated almost instantly. The engine management system translates the command from the accelerator within milliseconds into the corresponding fuel pressure setting. Such control ensures rapid vehicle response and a sporty thrust across all load ranges and at all engine speeds.

AMG 6.0 liter V12 engine: The pinnacle of the engine builders’ craft.

twelve-cylinder engine has always been the pinnacle of the engine builders’ craft. The V12 powerpack on the S 65 AMGis regarded by engine experts as a prime example of this rare art: thanks to its displacement of 5980 cc, twin turbochargers and powerful air/water intercooler, the AMGV12 delivers maximum power of 450 kW/612 hp between 4800 and 5100 rpm and maximum torque of 1000 newton metres.


The torque has been reduced from 1200 to 1000 newton metres out of consideration for the drivetrain and is available between 2000 and 4000 rpm. At a mere 1000 rpm, the AMG 6.0-litre biturbo V12 engine delivers 570 newton metres of torque to the crankshaft, while 750 newton metres are on tap at 1500 rpm.


Know-how from the world of motorsport also with the AMG biturbo V12 engine
The AMG 6.0-litre biturbo V12 engine also leverages the vast know-how amassed by Mercedes-AMGfrom the world of motorsport. The V12 engine has a precision-balanced crankshaft made out of high-strength materials, forged pistons made out of special material which is extremely resistant to temperature and pressure, a more effective oil-spray cooling system with a separate individual nozzle for each piston plus larger piston pins. The main and big-end bearings are also made out of improved materials to compensate for temperature and pressure peaks more effectively.

The charge cycle in the cylinder heads benefits from optimised combustion chambers and longer opening times of the intake camshafts. A modified oil pump ensures that all lubrication points are supplied with oil – even in highly demanding conditions. An engine oil cooler is integrated into the AMG front apron, with an additional engine coolant radiator located in the wheel arch.

Air/water intercooler for optimum engine efficiency
A typical feature of the AMGbiturbo V12 engine is the sophisticated air/water intercooler. A large cooler at the front of the vehicle effectively cools down the intake air – which has been compressed by the turbochargers – before it enters the combustion chambers. The water-cooled low-temperature cooler results in a 25 percent reduction in intake temperature at full throttle and guarantees high power and torque output under all operating conditions and regardless of the outside temperature. The housings of the compressor and turbine in both turbochargers as well as the turbine and compressor wheels have been enlarged,
resulting in a maximum charge pressure of 1.5 bar.

The electronically controlled AMG-specific fuel supply operates with a variable system pressure of between 3.6 and 5.0 bar. According to power requirements and external temperature, fuel pressure is variably controlled almost instantly. The engine management system translates the command from the accelerator within milliseconds, delivering an extremely fast response from the engine in all load situations. The sports exhaust system with two sets of twin chromed tailpipes in the V12 design provides the telltale AMG twelve-cylinder vocals on the new S 65 AMG.

Engine production at Mercedes-AMG: tradition of hand-built excellence
Traditionally all engines are built by hand at Mercedes-AMG in Affalterbach – just like the AMG 6.3-litre V8 engine in the S 63 AMG and the AMG 6.0-litre biturbo V12 engine in the S 65 AMG. In the state-of-the-art AMG engine workshops, which were opened in 2002, a highly qualified engineer assembles each engine according to the company’s philosophy of “one man, one engine” in compliance with the most stringent quality standards. The engineer’s signature on the AMGengine plate is testimony to the highest standards of workmanship. It takes around three hours to produce the V8 engine; the V12 unit normally takes somewhere in the region of six-and-a-half hours.

Source: Daimler AG