Paul Di Resta (AMG Mercedes C-Class) and Gary Paffett (Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class) finished the 2009 DTM’s fifth round at Oschersleben in positions four and five respectively. The 2009 C-Class had started with a 20-kilo weight handicap – the consequence of two wins and a second place in the previous three races.

The 48-lap race (177.408 kms) saw the Mercedes drivers catching up brilliantly. After only Bruno Spengler had qualified within the top eight (sixth with his Mercedes-Benz Bank AMG C-Class), four C-Class cars finished the race in the points: Behind Di Resta and Paffett, Spengler came home sixth like in qualifying, followed by Maro Engel (GQ AMG Mercedes C-Class).

After five of 10 races, Paffett maintained the overall lead with 28 points; he is tied on points with Mattias Ekström (Audi) but holds the lead due to his two victories this year. Behind today’s winner Timo Scheider (Audi/27 points) Spengler is fourth on 23 points.

The team Salzgitter/Mercedes-Benz Bank AMG with Paffett and Spengler lead the team ranking with 51 points which is comparable to the Formula 1 Constructors‘ World Championship.

Jamie Green (Junge Sterne AMG Mercedes C-Class) ended up ninth ahead of Susie Stoddart (TV Spielfilm AMG Mercedes C-Class), Ralf Schumacher (Trilux AMG Mercedes C-Class) and Mathias Lauda (stern AMG Mercedes C-Class).

A total of 64,000 spectators attended the 2009 DTM’s fifth round at Oschersleben during the weekend.

The start: Paul Di Resta improved from ninth to sixth, ahead of Bruno Spengler who lost one position. During the opening lap, Gary Paffett moved up from 12th on the grid to ninth place.
Lap 6: Gary Paffett overtook Prémat; Kristensen drove through the pit lane because of a drive-through penalty which meant Paffett was now seventh. In front of him were Paul Di Resta and Bruno Spengler in positions five and six respectively.
Lap 12: Bruno Spengler and Jamie Green came in for their respective first pit stops.
Lap 13: First mandatory stop of Paul Di Resta; Maro Engel and Susie Stoddart also pitted. Di Resta overtook Jarvis immediately after the pit lane exit.
Lap 14: Gary Paffett came in for the first time; Ralf Schumacher pitted one lap later as well as Mathias Lauda.
Lap 18: After the first round of pitstops Paul Di Resta was fourth; Bruno Spengler drove in sixth position and came for his second routine halt. Gary Paffett was now fifth.
Lap 22: Second pitstop of Maro Engel; Ralf Schumacher followed one lap later.
Lap 23: Paul Di Resta completed his second pitstop.
Lap 24: Jamie Green pitted for the second time. Mathias Lauda completed a 3sec pitstop penalty due to an incident with Legge.
Lap 28: Susie Stoddart came in for the second time.
Lap 32: Second pitstop of Gary Paffett.
Lap 34: Paul Di Resta was the best C-Class driver in fourth place ahead of Gary Paffett; Bruno Spengler overtook Jarvis and was sixth; Maro Engel followed in eighth place. Mathias Lauda pitted for the second time.
Lap 36: Gary Paffett trailed Paul Di Resta by half a second; both were reminded by their engineers to conserve their tyres.
Lap 41: Ralf Schumacher spun off and dropped from 12th to 14th place.
Finish (lap 48): Paul Di Resta finished fourth ahead of Gary Paffett, Bruno Spengler and Maro Engel.

Paul Di Resta (2009 AMG Mercedes C-Class), fourth: “After my disappointing qualifying I am happy with my fourth-place finish today. We had a good strategy and our team completed two perfect pitstops. We achieved the best possible result.”

Gary Paffett (2009 Salzgitter AMG Mercedes C-Class), fifth: “I started 12th and finished fifth – not a bad result. I made a good start and moved up three positions, and then I continued this way. Our team improved our set-up throughout the weekend; this result is the reward they deserved. Thank you all.”

Bruno Spengler (2009 Mercedes-Benz Bank AMG C-Class), sixth: “I am not satisfied with my race. Following my good start I got stuck between two Audis and wasn’t able to avoid them. That was why Paul was able to pass me. Later I lacked grip at my rear axle and was not able to push any longer. At least I scored three points – that’s ok.”

Maro Engel (2008 GQ AMG Mercedes C-Class), seventh: “I am happy to have finished seventh and scored two points. After the start I was hit quite hard by Prémat and lost some positions; however, we had a great strategy and I was able to catch up. Towards the end my rear tyres were not working any longer.”

Jamie Green (2008 Junge Sterne AMG Mercedes C-Class), ninth: “A tough race. I lost a lot of time during my second pitstop. When I resumed I tangled with Ralf, went off and lost another couple of seconds. In the end I was passed by Kristensen what cost me a championship point.”

Susie Stoddart (2008 TV-Spielfilm AMG Mercedes C-Class), 10th: “I am happy with my 10th place. It was a difficult weekend, but today my car was perfect and our team did a great job.”

Ralf Schumacher (2009 Trilux AMG Mercedes C-Class), 11th: “Not a good weekend for me. I am not at all satisfied with my performance this time. Sorry to my team for the off in the end; without that mistake points would have been possible today.”

Mathias Lauda (2008 stern AMG Mercedes C-Class), 12th: “From my point of view, the coming-together with Katherine Legge was a normal race incident. The pitstop penalty was too hard in my opinion.”

Norbert Haug, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport: “A perfect race for us. More was not possible with an additional weight that slowed us here by almost four tenths of a second per lap following three wins in a row. From poor grid positions we brought four Mercedes C-Class cars into the eight point positions.
Moreover: After five of 10 races and two wins so far this year Gary Paffett is at least “half time champion”. Thank you for the good team performance to the HWA team headed by Gerhard Ungar and Hans-Jürgen Mattheis and to our partner teams Mücke and Persson. At half time, there are four drivers at the top of the ranking within five points – the DTM presents itself with its best and most exciting aspects. Regarding victories the score is now 93 to 50 – congratulations to Audi on their jubilee; they have been really good here.“

Source: Daimler AG