In July, Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 93,900 Mercedes-Benz, AMG, smart, and Maybach brand vehicles worldwide (July 2008: 105,100; minus 11 percent). The Mercedes-Benz brand delivered a total of 83,500 vehicles to customers in July (July 2008: 92,700; minus ten percent).

E-Klasse T-Modell

As a result, Mercedes-Benz Cars was able to improve sales compared to the first few months of the year, despite the fact that the market environment remains challenging. Factors that contributed to this development were the stabilization of sales in Germany and other key Western European markets, the positive development in China, and the launch of the new E-Class.

“The new E-Class has gotten off to a resounding start, and we have delivered more than 40,000 units to customers since the market launch in spring,” says Dr. Klaus Maier, Executive Vice President Sales and Marketing Mercedes-Benz Cars. “The sedan once again defended its market leadership worldwide in July. The new coupe is also very popular with customers. The full availability of the E-Class sedan and coupe and the introduction of the station wagon and new-generation S-Class will help to further stabilize sales in the next few months.” Positive sales momentum will also be provided by the introduction of new, highly efficient and high-volume engine variants, such as for the C-Class.
Mercedes-Benz Cars sold 26,900 vehicles in Germany in July, nearly matching the level reached last year (July 2008: 27,900). Mercedes-Benz once again defended its leadership in the premium segment of its home market in July. In addition to the new E-Class, positive sales development was recorded by the A-Class and B-Class segment in July, with sales increasing by eight percent to 9,600 units (July 2008: 9,000). Sales of the smart fortwo on the German home market were also up, with deliveries of the two-seater having increased by seven percent to 19,700 units since the beginning of the year (January-July 2008: 18,400). During the year to date, customers have purchased 71,500 smart fortwos worldwide (January-July 2008: 81,200; minus 12 percent). In Western Europe, Mercedes-Benz Cars succeeded in increasing deliveries amongst others in the UK by six percent in July, to 5,500 vehicles (July 2008: 5,200). In addition to the boost from the new E-Class, sales growth also was bolstered by the A-Class, B-Class, and smart fortwo.
Mercedes-Benz Cars continues to grow rapidly in China, posting another sales record in July. The sale of 5,000 vehicles corresponds to an increase of 35 percent (July 2008: 3,700). The division has seen sales rise in China by 40 percent to 33,200 units since the beginning of the year (January-July 2008: 23,800).

Mercedes-Benz continues to be the fastest-growing premium brand in China since the beginning of the year. The C-Class is particularly popular in China, where 8,900 customers have purchased the sedan version since the beginning of the year. Sales have therefore doubled compared to the same period last year. Sales of the GLK also have been very positive, with deliveries of 2,100 vehicles. The B-Class has met with a great response since its January launch. At 1,800 units, sales already exceed the volume originally planned for the year. The smart fortwo is also very popular in China, where it was launched in April. A total of 900 units of the two-seater can now be found on the streets of Chinese cities. On July 21, Mercedes-Benz also presented the new E-Class sedan in China. Over the coming months, the vehicle will generate additional sales momentum on the Chinese market.

Overview of Sales by Mercedes-Benz Cars

Source: Daimler AG