Daimler present at the 35th Tokyo Motor Show ia special concept study: the F 400 Carving. The research vehicle is packed with dynamic systems designed to give the cars of tomorrow and beyond substantially enhanced active safety, dynamic handling control and driving pleasure.

The main attraction in the F 400 Carving is a new system that varies the camber angle on the outer wheels between 0 and 20 degrees, depending on the road situation. Used in conjunction with newly-developed tyres, it provides 30 percent more lateral stability than a conventional system with a fixed camber setting and standard tyres. This considerably enhances active safety, since better lateral sta-bility equals improved road adhesion and greater cornering stability.

The research vehicle’s “Carving” epithet symbolises the new technology, evoking images of the high-speed winter sport in which adepts perform sharp turns on a specially-shaped high-grip ski.

The vehicle can you see inside the Mercedes-Museum in Stuttgart. More details from this special car, could you find her inside the F400 Carving-Special.

Source: Daimler AG