Quotes of Norbert Haug, Vice President Mercedes-Benz Motorsport, 2008 DTM-runner-up Paul Di Resta and Ralf Schumacher concerning the first round of the 2009 DTM in Hockenheim on 16th and 17th May:


Paul Di Resta:
“We have worked hard and to good effect this winter. We are optimistic that our efforts will pay dividends in the first race of the season at Hockenheim. In any case, the AMG Mercedes C-Class gives me an excellent chance of being up there with the main title contenders.”

Ralf Schumacher:
“I’m really looking forward to the start of the DTM season at the Hockenheimring two days from now. The winter break was actually too long for my liking. This year’s C-Class gives me an opportunity to make real progress.” “Now that I’m driving the current Mercedes C-Class, there is obviously even bigger expectation. When you’re behind the wheel of a current DTM model, you’re expected to be competing for points, podium finishes and victories. Consequently, the pressure that I put myself under is also much greater. But I’m not going to let that knock me off my stride. I’m hopeful that, at the end of this season, people will be saying I took the right decision by staying on in DTM.” “No-one should underestimate DTM or the level of performance that is required to succeed here. There is no tougher or more challenging arena in motor racing.”

Norbert Haug:
“DTM represents extremely good value in terms of effective PR. After Formula One, there is probably no other motorsport series that has quite the same media impact. DTM certainly need not regard itself as the poor relative. In Germany alone, the live coverage on Saturdays and Sundays amounts to more than 30% of the viewing figures achieved by Formula One.” “Following its re-birth in 2000, DTM has shown the way with its use of homologated parts such as standard brakes and gearboxes. In addition, they have introduced the rule that only three engines may be used for two cars during the whole season. I could mention plenty more good examples of cost-cutting measures.” “In DTM, we aim to operate on the most cost-efficient basis as possible and to give the public good value for money. Despite the difficult economic climate, we at Merce-des have once again managed to boost our income from sponsorship quite considerably. All of which reflects very favourably on the DTM platform. At the same time, we submitted ourselves to a robust programme of raising efficiency and cutting costs over the winter months: in 2009, we expect to spend around 30% less than in 2008.”

Source: Daimler AG