Commercial vehicle telematics provider Daimler FleetBoard and the Zauner & Partner software firm are banking on intensive cooperation. The FleetBoard Edition of the ZA|ARC software is specifically tailored to Tachomanagement and for the first time provides fleet operators a complete electronic remote overview of vehicle and driver activities.

FleetBoard offers statutable tachograph management based on the TACHOready standard. It enables reading out and transmitting the data from driver cards and the mass storage devices of digital tachographs and makes it available for analysis. With FleetBoard telematics, for the first time this functions without having to insert the company card in the vehicle. Zauner & Partner distributes evaluation programs for driver and tachograph data. With 30,000 workplace installations its software program ZA|ARC is the analysis and archiving software for tachographs in Europe. By joining forces the two market leaders ensure the uncomplicated provision of tachograph data for analytical software and open up extensive possibilities for processing.

The ZA|ARC FleetBoard Edition smoothly integrates the data from driver card and vehicle unit into the analytical software via one interface. Integration of the FleetBoard data costs the customer nothing. A click on an additional button in the ZA|ARC program prompts transmitting of the FleetBoard data. The fleet information has to be entered in the software just once; the subsequent transfer of information to the driver card/mass memory download takes place automatically. There is also the possibility of combining this with other input facilities, e.g. tachograph disc scans. This way haulage companies stay on the safe side in regard to the law, since all regulations governing the archiving of driver cards and tachograph data are met. Additionally the companies make use of the archived data stocks for detailed evaluations and analyses. The graphic representation of missing archives is equally as helpful as the protected analysis of driver and vehicle data, including extensive checking and auditing options. The software pays off for operation and trip planning since driving hours and rest periods, and driving hours remaining, are available on an up-to-the-minute basis. The fully valid electronic proof of driver working hours saves manual effort for out-of-pocket expense and payroll accounting.

Source: Daimler AG