Hours of searching for a place to park the truck and sleep soon may be a thing of the past. As part of the EU-sponsored research project SETPOS (Secure European Truck Parking Operational Services), Daimler FleetBoard GmbH has developed an application which simplifies the truck driver’s search for a parking space. The added function of FleetBoard’s mobile handheld DispoPilot enables three applications:
– A list of motorway motels with contact details, number of parking spaces, fuel brand, opening hours, specially protected areas as well as other amenities and features
– Showing of motorway motels in the vicinity or near the actual destination, including unoccupied parking spaces

Reservation of a parking space on a certain date and at a certain hour
The necessary data and booking mechanisms are made available by the truck parking space information system Truckinform (www.truckinform.eu).

For Dr. Ralf Forcher, Managing Director Daimler FleetBoard GmbH, this project promises a way to improve the difficult parking situation for trucks: “The possibility to reserve parking space will benefit all parties. On the one hand, the utilisation of motorway motel capacity can be better planned; on the other hand, drivers can better plan their working day and steer for their reserved parking space in a more relaxed state of mind.”
When this new service can be used by FleetBoard customers is still unknown. First of all the final results of the pilot project must be evaluated and the required technical prerequisites created at as many motorway motels as possible.

Source: Daimler AG