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    SILBERPFEIL Energy as new partner for Mercedes-AMG DTM Team

    by Philipp Deppe | 27.April 2015

    A fresh burst of energy for the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team as it embarks on a new campaign: SILBERPFEIL-1934 Energy Handels GmbH & Co KG, which manufactures the new SILBERPFEIL energy drink, has become a main sponsor for the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team.

    Robert Wickens from Canada, who already has a couple of DTM race-winner’s trophies in his cabinet, will be driving the SILBERPFEIL Energy Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM right from the start of the season at Hockenheim (1st – 3rd May).

    This dynamic young company has also chosen the opening weekend of the world’s most popular touring car series to introduce its new SILBERPFEIL energy drink to thousands of fans at the track. The exclusive premiere will also serve as the start of the countdown to the official market launch in the summer of 2015.

    Hans-Georg Eckschlager, Managing Partner, SILBERPFEIL: “Of course, the SILBERPFEIL brand name inevitably evokes associations with the successful racing history of Mercedes-Benz. Consequently, it was a logical step for us to join forces with the marque. The DTM is the perfect platform to do that and to launch our energy drink. We hope to achieve many victories along with the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team.”

    Ulrich Fritz, Head of Mercedes DTM: “In SILBERPFEIL Energy, we are delighted to have found an ambitious new main sponsor for our Mercedes-AMG DTM Team. The presentation of the new energy drink in the context of the season opener at Hockenheim is one of many highlights of a busy DTM weekend brimming with innovation. MORE »

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    Motorsports Selection 2015: Even in new outfits, the world champions are winning…

    by Philipp Deppe | 26.April 2015

    Three wins and a clear lead in both the drivers’ and constructors’ world championship: the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS Formula-1 team has enjoyed a successful start to the new 2015 season.

    The new Motorsports Selection has also begun the new motor-racing year in scintillating fashion with new official replica, lifestyle and fanwear products plus a new team logo (featuring the Mercedes star). Attractive personal accessories in new apparel, including a new cap and a new polo shirt, featured in the 2015 DTM assortment. The 2015 Motorsports Selection can be purchased online at www.shop.mercedes-benz.com or from authorised Mercedes-Benz dealers.

    In the new Formula1 season, the drivers and the MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team are sporting black and white outfits. With something to suit every fan’s taste, the caps, shirts and t-shirts in the F1 Replica Collection therefore also feature this two-tone colour scheme. The collection is topped off with a cool sweat jacket and flat brim cap, both from Lewis Hamilton.

    The official MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS team cap for the 2015 Formula1 season is made of 100% cotton and comes in black or white. The team cap is size-adjustable and include are some great finishing touches: an embossed star embroidered on the front, a MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS logo badge at the back and a sandwich peak in a contrasting colour. These caps are also available as driver caps: the Rosberg cap has stylised embroidered “Nico” lettering on the peak whereas the world champion’s cap bears an embroidered “Lewis Hamilton” signature here. The same applies to the official Lewis Hamilton flat brim cap, which is likewise available in black or white.

    The short-sleeved official team shirt for men is made of 100% poplin cotton. It boasts an embossed star embroidered on the front and various embroidered sponsor logos. Contrasting stripes in rep ribbon at the front and back make for an impressive look. Great attention to detail can also be seen in the uppermost shirt button, which is finished in Petronas green.

    One item that is particularly comfortable to wear is the official team t-shirt available for men, women and kids. Notable features include the printed contrasting stripes on the front and back accompanied by an embossed star embroidered on the front and various printed sponsor logos. The T-shirts for men and kids are made of 100% cotton, whereas the cotton used for the tailored-fit women’s t-shirt contains 5% Lycra.
    The official team cagoule for the 2015 Formula1 season is made of 100% polyester, making it extremely resistant. This water-repellent and breathable cagoule is available in an anthracite colour, features a printed star on the front and sports various printed sponsor logos. It includes a breast pocket with concealed zip, two integral front pockets and a stand-up collar with zip and integral hood. MORE »

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    The Green Truck 2015 goes to the Mercedes-Benz Actros

    by Philipp Deppe | 25.April 2015

    The Mercedes-Benz Actros 1842 has impressed the editorial teams of the reputed “Trucker” and “VerkehrsRundschau” publications at this year’s Green Truck Award and succeeded in taking first place in the rankings.

    As a result the Mercedes-Benz Actros 1842 has emerged as the most environment-friendly truck, edging ahead of the competition by virtue of its low fuel consumption. The vehicle clocked up an average fuel consumption of 22.9 l per 100 km in independent tests conducted last year for the editorial teams’ Green Truck Award.

    The primary assessment criterion is fuel consumption and the attendant CO2 emissions. The fuel consumption figures are ascertained on the basis of results obtained by the automotive magazines “Trucker” and “VerkehrsRundschau” on a standardised route.

    Ulrich Bastert, responsible for Sales Marketing and Services at Mercedes-Benz Trucks, is delighted to have received the award: “For Mercedes-Benz Trucks, the Green Truck provides further evidence that our trucks with their low fuel consumption lead the field in terms of economy and total cost of ownership. This benefits both our customers and the environment, as the lower the fuel consumption, the lower the CO2 emissions. So we have the ideal trucks for our customers in our range”.

    Predictive Powertrain Control driver assistance system anticipates the road ahead and saves diesel
    The Predictive Powertrain Control (PPC) cruise control system also contributes to this sensational fuel consumption level of 22.9 l per 100 km. PPC knows the topography which lies ahead, adapting accordingly for maximum fuel efficiency. The new driver assistance system really comes into its own on gradients: as the world’s first GPS cruise control, in addition to controlling vehicle speed and braking, PPC also intervenes in the transmission control system. In this way, the system complements in a sustainable manner the consumption-reducing deployment times of the EcoRoll function which features as standard on board the Actros while also initiating timely single or double downshifts as appropriate to the driving situation.

    This pioneering technology can cut diesel consumption by up to five percent, thus demonstrably reducing a truck’s total cost of ownership. The specification contingent for PPC currently stands at over 70 percent and rising in the Actros family. For customers who do not opt for PPC from the outset, a retrofit option for the predictive cruise control in the new Actros, Antos and Arocs has recently been introduced at Mercedes-Benz service partners throughout Europe. MORE »

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    Eurodata is new partner for the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team

    by Philipp Deppe | 24.April 2015

    With just a few days to go before the start of the season, the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team welcomes another new partner into the Mercedes-Benz motorsport family.

    Starting with the season opener at Hockenheim (1st – 3rd May), French company Eurodatacar will be a co-sponsor of the team.
    The Eurodatacar logo will be displayed on the cars entered by the new ART Grand Prix team whose drivers are DTM rookie Lucas Auer and the DTM champion of 2005, Gary Paffett.

    Eurodatacar is a market leader in the provision of anti-theft devices for vehicles. Millions of vehicle owners around the world benefit every day from the products and services developed by the Eurodatacar group to combat car crime.

    The company has already had previous successful involvements in motor racing. These include the World Rally Championship and the legendary 24 Hours of Le Mans. In both racing series, drivers sporting the Eurodatacar livery have won races and titles.

    Ulrich Fritz, Mercedes-AMG DTM Team Principal: “We are delighted to welcome a new partner in our team in the shape of Eurodatacar who boast a fine tradition in international motorsport. MORE »

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    Auto Bild “all-wheel-drive car” award 2015 goes to Mercedes-Benz

    by Philipp Deppe | 23.April 2015

    The awards for the all-wheel-drive cars of the year 2015 were dominated by Mercedes-Benz. The readers of Europe’s largest 4×4 magazine “Auto Bild Allrad” voted models bearing the three-pointed star top in no less than five categories. This makes the premium car maker the most successful brand in this poll by some margin.

    Mercedes-Benz S 500 4MATIC Coupé Edition 1 (C 217) 2013

    “Never has there been such a triumphant result for a single manufacturer in the 15 years that our readers’ poll has been running! Mercedes-Benz is our readers’ favourite brand without a shadow of a doubt!” is how Bernhard Weinbacher, the editor-in-chief of Auto Bild Allrad, described the poll’s clear outcome. The figures confirm this statement in emphatic fashion. Auto Bild Allrad readers were able to vote for their favourites from 176 models spanning ten categories. The result: five victories for the cross-country vehicles, SUVs and all-wheel-drive passenger car models from the star-studded brand.

    „Otto“ and G-Class Edition 35

    The G-Class, the undisputed definitive 4×4 ever since its premiere in 1979 and the forerunner of all present-day Mercedes-Benz SUV models, emerged the clear winner in its category, racking up twice as many votes as its nearest rival. The real surprise of the reader’s poll, however, were the results achieved by the passenger car models with 4MATIC all-wheel drive, which secured three victories for Mercedes-Benz. In the category for all-wheel-drive passenger cars costing over 40,000 euros, the premium manufacturer even managed a clean sweep of the top three spots.

    The individual victories: MORE »

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    Mercedes-Benz Antos 2536 L supports waste disposal specialists

    by Philipp Deppe | 22.April 2015

    A very narrow alleyway, on the right a garage and a high hedge, on the left a garden fence and a house wall. A few metres further on there is an almost right-angled bend lined with parked cars. Driver Jürgen Neff of Zellinger GmbH and his Antos 2536 L waste collection vehicle have to negotiate this every day, also in reverse gear.

    Mercedes-Benz Antos 2536 L als Müllsammelfahrzeug im Einsatz bei der österreichen Zellinger GmbH.

    With his eyes alternately on all the mirrors, the reversing camera monitor and the hand directions of his colleague Josef Hofstätter, Jürgen Neff skilfully manoeuvres his nine-metre-long three-axle truck along almost the last nook and cranny in Ottensheim. He drives his orange-and-silver 26-tonner as close as possible, so that his colleague does not have to pull the sometimes heavy waste bins and containers so far. “I find the manoeuvrability of the Antos absolutely marvellous thanks to the steered trailing axle. The previous model from another brand was not so flexible, although it was a more compact two-axle truck“, says the 42 year-old as he spins the wheel.

    Although progress is slow, all the driver’s concentration is required. Cars, pedestrians, cyclists and of course the next full waste bin – nothing must be overlooked by Jürgen Neff. Start/stop is not only inscribed on the button for the automatic ignition system of the Antos, for go-and-stop also seems to be the only driving mode possible throughout the small town. This is where the automated twelve-speed G 211 Mercedes-PowerShift transmission comes into its own for the driver: „I think the automated gear shifting is really well-honed and practical. If I had to operate a clutch all the time in this job, I would have severe knee pain at the end of each day. By the way, I also keep the crawler gear mode ‘on’ all the time“.

    The waste bins suspended in the tipping mechanism at the rear of the truck make their upward journey and the compacting screw begins to revolve in the waste collection body. Therefore the power take-off is engaged and the 265 kW (360 hp) OM 470 Euro VI engine of the Antos gives a throaty roar. But Jürgen Neff is happy: „On the move, and when the PTO is not in action, the engine has a very pleasant sound“.

    Spaciousness and technical features tailored to the driver
    A pleasant working environment is the order of the day for the Antos. Not just because the smaller brother of the Actros is specially designed for heavy distribution and short-range operations with a wide range of body variants, but also because it places the focus on the driver. Jürgen Neff agrees: „We may hardly cover 100 km in a day depending on the run, but I still spend nine to ten hours in the cab. So the truck must be right“.

    The air-sprung luxury seat for the driver is just one of its positive attributes. The workplace provides adequate freedom of movement while having clearly arranged instruments and controls. Everything is within easy reach, and there is an easily accessible space for the body control console on the right, next to the seat. „There is an extensive adjustment range for the seat and steering“, explains Neff approvingly. MORE »

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    Mercedes-Benz supports the triathletes of TEAM SPORT FOR GOOD

    by Philipp Deppe | 21.April 2015

    The TEAM SPORT FOR GOOD triathlon team comprised of top German athletes will compete in the new season with Mercedes-Benz as its automotive partner. The five athletes will receive new V-Class vehicles for the 2015 season to be able to prepare optimally for their competitions.

    As a supporter of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, the TEAM SPORT FOR GOOD intends to not only collect victories, but also attract attention for the children’s aid projects. This is the first time that a professional triathlon team will be active as a supporter for the foundation. The team is planning a number of promotions during the season’s competitions to boost fund-raising for the aid projects among competitors and spectators.

    The members of the triathlon team are Timo Bracht, Jan Raphael, Horst Reichel, Georg Potrebitsch and Julian Beuchert. The athletes were delighted about the valuable support at the presentation of the partnership during the pre-season preparations on Majorca: “The V-Class is indispensable as a support vehicle during the training units and for transporting equipment and bicycles. It also gives us the opportunity to take along our physios and team-mates. That is ideal”, says Timo Bracht, who as a father of a family is also enthusiastic about the V-Class in his private life. Mercedes-Benz also sees great added value in the partnership: “Triathletes are at home all over the world due to the training sessions and competitions and have to deliver top performances everywhere. MORE »

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    Mercedes-Benz at Auto Shanghai 2015 – the SUV offensive continues

    by Philipp Deppe | 20.April 2015

    Mercedes-Benz is steadily continuing its product offensive in the year of the SUV. With the close-to-production GLC Coupé concept, the inventor of the automobile is providing a glimpse in Shanghai of forthcoming new models for the booming global off-road segment.

    Mercedes-Benz and smart at the Auto Shanghai 2015

    The exceptionally sporty show car carries the idea of the GLE Coupé over into a more compact segment. In parallel, the brand with the three-pointed star is also celebrating the market premiere of the new GLE and GLE Coupé in China, where Mercedes-Benz is enjoying continued dynamic growth. After another record year in 2014, with a sales increase of 28 percent, Mercedes-Benz is expanding both its model range and its local production in the Middle Kingdom. At the Beijing plant, the GLA compact SUV is now the fourth Mercedes-Benz model to roll off the production line. The presence of Daimler in China will soon also be reinforced by the new smart fortwo, which is also celebrating its market premiere in Shanghai.

    Mercedes-Benz and smart at the Auto Shanghai 2015

    Mercedes-Benz and smart at the Auto Shanghai 2015

    “We have good reason to pay close attention to SUVs. They are fascinating automobiles in a growing segment. We are expecting double-digit growth rates in China over the next few years,” says Dr. Dieter Zetsche, Chairman of the Board of Management of Daimler AG and Head of Mercedes-Benz Cars, speaking at Auto Shanghai. “The GLE Coupé shows just how convinced we are by the success of this vehicle concept, which is why we will bring further models to market that combine the look of a coupé with the versatility and off-road capabilities of a Mercedes SUV. The GLC Coupé concept provides a very clear indication of how they might look.”

    Mercedes-Benz and smart at the Auto Shanghai 2015

    Mercedes-Benz and smart at the Auto Shanghai 2015

    The show car combines coupé styling elements with the sensual purity of the design language applied to forthcoming generations of Mercedes-Benz SUVs. This emotional tension is further enriched with characteristic details, including the twin blade radiator grille, a bonnet with power domes and a four-pipe exhaust system. References from the off-road world such as the 21-inch tyres, the underguards front and rear, the increased ground clearance and the running boards along the side emphasise the performance potential of the GLC Coupé concept. The drive technology fulfils the promise of performance. The V6 biturbo with 270 kW (367 hp) and 520 Nm familiar from the AMG Sport models delivers incredibly athletic propulsion. Power is transmitted by the 9G-TRONIC 9-speed automatic and 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive. MORE »

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    Lewis Hamilton wins Bahrain Grand Prix – Nico Rosberg on third place

    by Philipp Deppe | 19.April 2015

    Double podium for MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS in enthralling Bahrain Grand Prix, with victory for Lewis Hamilton and third place for Nico Rosberg after a tense and hotly contested battle in the desert.

    Lewis took his 36th career F1 win and the 32nd for Mercedes-Benz in F1 tonight in a thrilling Bahrain GP. Lewis ran an Option/Option/Prime strategy from pole, stopping on laps 15 and 33. Nico ran the same Option/Option/Prime race, stopping on laps 14 and 34. Both cars suffered unrelated brake-by-wire problems in the final laps, which cost Nico P2 to Räikkönen. Mercedes leads the Constructors Championship by 52 points, with a total of 159 points from four races – five points more than at the same stage in 2014.

    Lewis Hamilton: I’m really happy with that. ‎It doesn’t matter who it’s against – you always try to beat everyone. But it’s great to have a fight with Ferrari as well as Nico. Mercedes has been the best team on the grid for the last year or so but Ferrari are pushing us really hard now. It definitely wasn’t an easy win. It was close when I came out of the pits after the first stop and the battle behind me was intense. I had a bit of a slow stop which reduced my gap and when I was braking into T1 I saw them right there in my mirrors! From there I felt like I had it pretty much under control. I had to back off at the end with the traffic and the brakes but luckily for me the effect wasn’t as great as for Nico. I have to say a big thanks to everyone back at the factories and here at the track. The car was really nice to drive this weekend and they’ve done a great job. ‎ They won’t be 100% happy I’m sure as Kimi took points from us today. But it’s still a good haul of points and I know we’ll work even harder to do better at the next race. That’s what motorsport is all about and that’s why we go racing – to fight with other teams.

    Nico Rosberg: I felt very good in the car today and had a really exciting race. I was able to recover from my poor start with some overtaking manoeuvers on the red cars and I also tried to catch Lewis. But he also had good speed today so it was impossible to get by him. At the end it was very disappointing that Kimi got me, but I had no chance to defend my position with a brake-by-wire problem in the last two laps. I just went straight on at Turn One and that allowed him past, which was a shame. Anyway, we will investigate this now and with Lewis’ win we still got a strong result for the team once again, so I look forward to the next races with this great car. MORE »

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    Mercedes-Benz Concept GLC Coupé: The next coup

    by Philipp Deppe | 19.April 2015

    In a flowing transition, Mercedes-Benz lands the next coup: the Concept GLC Coupé is a near-production-standard study that carries the successful GLE Coupé formula over into a more compact segment.

    Mercedes-Benz Concept GLC Coupé

    The dynamically expressive show car combines typical stylistic features of a coupé with the sensually pure design idiom of coming SUV generations. This emotively appealing fusion is further enriched with details that are strong in character. A twin-blade radiator grille, powerdomes on the bonnet and a four-pipe exhaust system form an aesthetic contrast to the harmonious, almost organic main body section. On the other hand, elements from the rugged off-road world, such as enormous 21-inch tyres, front and rear underbody protection, increased ground clearance and side running boards, are indicative of the off-road performance potential of the Concept GLC Coupé.

    Mercedes-Benz Concept GLC Coupé

    Gorden Wagener, Head of Design at Daimler AG, puts it in a nutshell: “With its modern and sensual design idiom, the Concept GLC Coupé gives a foretaste of future SUV models from Mercedes-Benz. At the same time, it embraces the typical values of tradition-steeped Mercedes-Benz coupés”.

    Mercedes-Benz Concept GLC Coupé

    The same successful blend of the multifunctional SUV and the emotively appealing coupé world of Mercedes-Benz that was so enthusiastically welcomed with the GLE Coupé is now repeated with the Concept GLC Coupé. However, the near-production-standard show car inhabits a more compact segment, as demonstrated by the external length of 4.73 metres and the 2.83-metre wheelbase. These two dimensions, together with the striking and muscular main body section, elongated greenhouse and large 21-inch wheels, provide an ideal basis for the typical, almost dramatic proportions of the sportily youthful coupé generation with the characteristic off-road touch.

    Mercedes-Benz Concept GLC Coupé

    Distinctive front end, sculptural headlamp design
    At the front, a short, crisp overhang with upright radiator grille and twin-blade louvre so characteristic of sporty Mercedes-Benz models give a first indication of the sporty philosophy behind the Concept GLC Coupé. The credo “Born to race on every ground” is confirmed by the powerdomes on the bonnet, the sweeping lines of the A-wing below the radiator grille, the large side air intakes and the visually dominant underbody protection. Like all the trim elements on the concept vehicle, this typical SUV feature radiates in silver shadow to form an attractive counterpoint to the solar-beam paintwork and the all-round claddings in matt gun metal magno paintwork.

    Mercedes-Benz Concept GLC Coupé

    Reminiscent of light sculptures, striking LED headlamps decisively shape the expressive face of the Concept GLC Coupé. All functions are united in one housing: for illumination, the daytime running lamps and turn indicators use the upper strip inserts, dubbed “eyebrows” by the designers. Below them are three rotating lenses, which appear to positively float in the deep, three-dimensional space and which adapt to the situation to optimally illuminate the road or terrain. Of course, the headlamps are non-dazzling for oncoming traffic in lower beam, upper beam, cornering light or active light mode. This is achieved by blanking out the light cone in the area of oncoming vehicles. MORE »

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    Lewis Hamilton with Pole position for the Bahrain Grand Prix

    by Philipp Deppe | 18.April 2015

    Lewis Hamilton stormed to pole position for the 2015 Bahrain Grand Prix, with Nico Rosberg set to line up third on the grid after an enthralling qualifying session under the Sakhir spotlights.

    Lewis took his fourth consecutive pole position of the 2015 season – the 42nd of his Formula One career, his 16th for the Silver Arrows and his first in Bahrain. Nico qualified in third position and will start tomorrow’s race from the clean side of the grid, directly behind his team-mate. Both drivers ran twice in Q1 (Prime/Option) once in Q2 (Option) and twice again in Q3 (used Option/Option), saving one new set of Options for the race.

    Lewis Hamilton
    I’m very happy with pole position. Coming into the weekend, the target was to master this track and get the car exactly how I wanted it here. I’ve been working hard to improve on every level and have tried to take a nice calm approach to each weekend. The car has felt how I wanted it to all weekend, so thank you to the team for achieving that; I’m so grateful to have this Mercedes beast underneath me. The laps felt great and I could really put the car right where I needed it through the corners. It’s great to have pole but Ferrari are very quick this weekend and they will be really hard to beat in the race. We’re in a good position with these grid slots but we’ll need to work hard to make the tyres perform in the right way tomorrow. I’m looking forward to an exciting race.

    Nico Rosberg
    Today I thought too much about the race and that was a mistake, as I didn’t get into my rhythm for a perfect Qualifying. So I cannot be happy with the outcome today. Starting behind Sebastian also is really not good. I underestimated him and now I need to make the best of this situation, so I will be pushing a lot in the race.I need to have a good start, hope I can catch Seb there and then I need to manage my tyres better than the others.

    Toto Wolff
    This qualifying session confirmed what we have been saying for a number of weeks now; the balance of power has shifted this year and we have a serious challenger at all circuits and in all conditions. Last year, the performance gap meant that we could be reasonably confident of claiming the front row each weekend – but that’s not the case any more. Ferrari has done a great job and they are snapping at our heels. Lewis put in a fantastic lap tonight. We had seen some glimpses of that pace during the session but it needed something special to take pole today. It maybe helped him that he pushed harder on his race start set of tyres in Q2, so he had a better feel for the limit of the track and the tyres. But this could also have a downside tomorrow, so we must see how that plays out. Nico was just a little bit off Lewis in each sector on the important lap and that was enough for Vettel to slip into second place. Looking ahead, tomorrow will be tougher and it will be closer – but we have a couple of options for how we tackle the race from P1 and P3. There might be days when we enjoy looking back at the comfort zone we had in 2014 – but the truth is that we all love getting out of bed in the morning and knowing that we have a real fight on our hands. It’s good for us and it’s good for the sport; that’s what motor racing is all about. MORE »

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    Chinese premiere for the new smart generation at Auto Shanghai

    by Philipp Deppe | 17.April 2015

    he new smart fortwo will have its official premiere in China at the 16th Auto Shanghai (22 – 29 April 2015).

    Der neue smart fortwo, 2014The new smart fortwo, 2014

    Following the successful market launch in Europe with a surge in new registrations (+22.7 percent as at March), the city coupé will be available in China from August 2015. The launch of the smart for four will follow in early 2016.

    “China is well on the way to becoming the largest market worldwide for smart. We have made high and very successful investments in the brand there”, says Annette Winkler, Head of smart. “The unrivalled agility of the compact smart fortwo and our unique digital car-related services will enable us to win completely new customer groups.”

    Just five years after the market launch, in 2014 China (including Hong Kong) had already become smart’s second-largest market (after Germany and ahead of Italy) with almost 18,000 vehicles sold. The brand is thus contributing to the remarkable success of Mercedes-Benz Cars (MBC) in China: in the first quarter of 2015 China was the largest single market for MBC.

    Completely new technology package
    The new generation of the smart fortwo features a fully revamped technology package that greatly improves comfort, safety, agility and infotainment whilst retaining the unique compactness and ultra-small turning circle. The new features include:
    Safety: new tridion safety cell with markedly higher proportions of ultra-high-strength hot-formed steels and super-high-strength multiphase steel. Crosswind Assist (standard) is an additional safety feature.

    Drive: state-of-the-art three-cylinder engines, state-of-the-art transmission (twinamic dual clutch six-speed transmission is a standard feature in China).

    Chassis: the new chassis has 100 mm more track width than its predecessor – good for added driving stability without impairing agility.

    Design: the appearance of the third-generation smart fortwo exudes a clear, purist character and has undergone further development along very progressive lines. With its typical attributes such as the profile with the ultra-short overhangs, its clear lines and surfaces and the likeable smart face it remains unmistakably smart: fresh, modern and self-confident. MORE »

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    Mercedes-AMG DTM Team ends testing with best time

    by Philipp Deppe | 16.April 2015

    Thursday marked the last day of testing ahead of the season opener at Hockenheim for the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team. Lucas Auer, Daniel Juncadella, Paul Di Resta and Pascal Wehrlein took part in the third day of testing this week at the Oschersleben DTM circuit.

    DTM Test 2015 Oschersleben

    Pascal Wehrlein ended the day as the fastest Mercedes-AMG driver, placing first in the overall standings with a lap time of 1: 19.952 minutes. His lap time was the second fastest of the entire test week, just 0.039 seconds down on the week’s best time posted by Marco Wittmann (BMW). Overall, the four drivers posted 518 laps this Thursday (2,056 kms) in their Mercedes-AMG C 63 DTM cars.

    All eight works drivers belonging to the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team went out on track at some point during the three-day test session. Between them, they covered 1,406 laps this week, which equates to a total distance of 5,196 kms.

    On completion of these tests, the Mercedes-AMG DTM Team will now prepare for the season opener at Hockenheim. The first two races of the season will take place at the Hockenheimring on May 2nd/3rd with a home race for Mercedes‑Benz.

    Pascal Wehrlein: “Today was good, and we were able to get in plenty of driving. I posted 144 laps to set the fastest time, ending this test week very positively.” MORE »

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    Daimler introduces electric mobility in driving schools

    by Philipp Deppe | 15.April 2015

    Drawing on the maxim “electric mobility is something you can learn”, Daimler AG and the ACADEMY Holding AG are launching a pilot project with five selected ACADEMY driving schools in the wider Stuttgart area, with the aim of making electric vehicles an integral part of driver training.

    Daimler bringt ElektromobilitŠt in Fahrschulen / Daimler introd

    Kick-off for the project will be on April 10 at the Mercedes-Benz sales and service outlet in Stuttgart, in the presence of the Mayor of Stuttgart, Fritz Kuhn. Driving instructors, educational experts and business representatives will discuss the issue of “Electric mobility in driving schools in the context of current driving licence regulations”.

    Daimler bringt Elektromobilität in Fahrschulen / Daimler introd

    From April, the driving schools will be offering learner drivers a simple and timely introduction to today’s world of locally emission-free mobility. The specially developed training concept is unparalleled in the way it tackles every aspect of electric mobility, focusing as it does on gaining familiarity and experience, as well as on the correct way to handle and work with alternative drive systems. The aim of the initiative is to integrate electric vehicles into the driver training process and so to generate enthusiasm for electric mobility, particularly among young people.

    The initiative is also designed to make the first experience of driving significantly easier for learners. Instead of spending their first driving lessons having to concentrate on the gear changes in a manual vehicle, they will begin with an electric vehicle – thanks to its automatic transmission there is no need to use the clutch or change gear, allowing learner drivers to focus on what’s important: the traffic. Once they have acquired a certain level of routine in their driving, they continue learning on a manual vehicle with a combustion engine. By taking this approach, learner drivers are able to qualify with a full Class B or BF17 passenger car driving licence and, in addition, receive the eDriverLicence.

    The theoretical elements relating to alternative drive systems and mobility concepts will be integrated as a double lesson into the theory training and will cover the principles of alternatively powered vehicles as well as information about mobility services. Issues such as charging time, range, acceleration characteristics, recuperation and the awareness of the silent electric vehicles for other road users’ will be addressed here.

    The eDriverLicence instruction element adds the topic of electric mobility as a complement to the basic driver training to achieve the class B and BF17 licence. Once they have passed their eDriverLicence driving test, young drivers over the age of 18 are immediately able to use the car2go service and drive electric. They can register straight away with car2go – and without incurring registration charges. On top of this, they receive a one-off gift of 100 free minutes. MORE »

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    Mercedes-Benz and Laureus broadening their worldwide involvement

    by Philipp Deppe | 14.April 2015

    Mercedes-Benz is further expanding its worldwide involvement in the area of corporate social responsibility and stepping up its cooperation with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation.

    GES/LAUREUS WORLD SPORTS AWARDS 2014 in  Shanghai, 14.04.2015

    In the run-up to the Laureus World Sports Awards, which will be held in Shanghai on 15 April 2015, the premium automobile manufacturer has announced a new national partnership: Mercedes-Benz and Laureus in China are joining forces under the aegis of the Mercedes-Benz Corporate Citizenship Alliance Initiative. The goal is to improve the lives of disadvantaged children and young people in China through joint sport projects. This step will mark the establishment of the first national Laureus Sport for Good Foundation in Asia.

    GES/LAUREUS WORLD SPORTS AWARDS 2014 in  Shanghai, 14.04.2015

    “Daimler fully embraces and supports the great ways in which Laureus changes the lives of young people. Together with the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation we will give by 2016 about 150,000 deprived young people in China a chance and better perspective through sport,” says Hubertus Troska, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, Greater China. ” Our local corporate social responsibility activities go even beyond: in 2015 alone we will donate in total 50 million RMB [7.6 million euros] to our comprehensive social programs in China, which clearly demonstrates our commitment to this great country.”

    Mercedes-Benz is one of the founding partners of the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation, which forms a crucial element of the brand’s social responsibility. The support for the Laureus Sport for Good Foundation is Mercedes-Benz’s most important involvement in the field of corporate social responsibility, and is established throughout all markets worldwide. Ever since the Foundation was established in 1999, Mercedes-Benz has supported and promoted the aims and values of this worldwide non-profit-making programme, which seeks to improve the lives of ill or disadvantaged children and young people through social sports projects. With this cooperation, Mercedes-Benz is aiming to further expand its involvement in sustainability work China, which had already begun back in 2007. “To further improve our global involvement, in the future each member of the Board of Management will become the patron of one Laureus project around the world. In this way, we can strengthen the ties that connect the Foundation and Mercedes-Benz, bringing us even closer together”, says Ola Källenius, member of the Board of Management of Daimler AG, Mercedes-Benz Cars Marketing & Sales. MORE »

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    e-smart the market leader for the third time in a row: Hat trick for the silent hero

    by Philipp Deppe | 13.April 2015

    Statistics are boring? Not for smart, because when it comes to new registrations of electric cars in Germany the same name takes first place every year: smart fortwo electric drive.


    This is a hat trick for the battery-electric two-seater – for the third time in a row it has beaten all competitors with all-electric drive (without range extender). In 2014 there were 1665 new registrations. And with more than 4700 new registrations since the first generation in 2007 according to figures from the German Federal Motor Vehicle Registration Agency, the e-smart is Germany’s most successful electric car by far. It is also very popular among Daimler AG employees who have covered more than 1.5 million zero-emission kilometres to date within the framework of the electric mobility project “charge@work”.

    2012 saw the launch of the third-generation smart fortwo electric drive and since then it has been convincing customers in cities around the world. It is now available in 19 countries, with Norway as the most recent new market. But why is the e-smart so successful? One thing is clear: no other electric car is so well proven. And as an e-version the agile two-seater really shows off its typical strengths in an urban environment.

    0 emissions – 100 percent driving fun
    Of course, electric cars are really green when they are powered by green electricity. Since 2012 Daimler has been setting an example with a pilot project: the company’s own wind turbine supplies renewably generated electricity. This investment ensures that all smart fortwo electric drives in the current generation drive on German roads with zero emissions. In addition to environmental compatibility, the e-smart scores points with driving pleasure as well. It sprints from 0 to 60 km/h in 4.8 seconds, with maximum output of 55 kW and torque of 130 Nm ensuring a powerful start at traffic lights. And its range of 145 kilometres will take it far beyond the city limits when needed. For example, the smart fortwo electric drive can cover the distance from Ulm to Stuttgart – where it can be charged quickly and easily for the return journey.

    Flexibly electric – the smart electric drive at car2go
    Stuttgart’s dense network of public charging stations is there for a good reason: after all, this is where Germany’s largest purely electric car sharing fleet is at home with 500 smart fortwo electric drives. At present there are approximately 13,000 car2go vehicles on the roads of 29 towns and cities in Europe and North America – 1300 thereof with battery-electric drive. There are purely electric fleets in Stuttgart in Germany, Amsterdam in the Netherlands and San Diego in the USA. In these three cities car2go customers have already driven more than 18 million kilometres powered purely by electricity. MORE »

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